Case Study

The Testing Academy

1 Million in Revenue, 140,000 new followers, 440% growth, and 100 million content impressions.

Mission and Challenge

Pramod was at the time doing a full-time job so he was not able to manage his social media accounts and was unsure if he wanted to create content or not.

He was handling everything from content ideas to distribution, so he was never regular with the content and also had no revenue model.

He wanted a solid team that could:

  • Come up with different content ideas
  • Help with the strategy of all his social media accounts
  • Manage his LinkedIn account, English Yt Channel, Hindi Yt Channel, and Instagram.
  • Edit Content without much intervention from his side

When we started working with him in Aug 2022:

He gave us a task that He would only be available for only 5 hours per week and that too on weekends so we had to take care of everything and produce results.

The mission was to grow his LinkedIn account, English Yt Channel, Hindi Yt Channel, and Instagram and create a revenue model for him.

Monetization was the important aspect that we decided to focus on as the Yt adsense was just not sufficient, so creating a revenue stream that could be streamlined and making sure that it was something that was connected with the content that he was producing was very important.


Deliverables that not only grew his brand but made him generate thousands of dollars every month:

  1. Content Ideas- We ideate content ideas that perfectly suit his brand, We make sure we capture the trends as well as focus on evergreen content.
  2. Scripting - We delivered him pointers to talk about and helped him integrate his courses in CTA very organically so that he didn’t sound very salesy.
  3. Editing - We completely changed his editing style, We focused more on the explaining part because Explaining Software testing concepts was his USP.
  4. Distribution - We put together a strategy that helped him just make a couple of long videos which then we converted into a bunch of shorts and then LinkedIn posts.
  5. Monetization systems - We optimized CTA for every video to make sure we not only bring in new followers but also convert those followers into paying clients.
  6. Revenue Model - We Introduced multiple courses and integrated these courses with his YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn content to get a lot of sales organically.

Results & Impacts

1 Million-plus in Revenue
100 Million-plus impressions across all social media platforms
140,000+ New overall followers
100,000 Organic Views
450% Growth on Linkedin
Multiple Viral videos
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