Case Study

Kenny Jo

175 Million Organic Views, 211,000 new followers, and multiple sponsorship deals with Companies like Samsung & Google.

Mission and Challenge

Kenny was investing a lot of time and resources in creating long-form & short-form content but needed a solid content strategy. He was handling everything from content ideas to distribution, even after growing the channel to 450k+ subscribers he needed help to get constant growth.

He wanted a solid video team that could:

  • Come up with different content ideas
  • Help with the strategy of the channel
  • Edit Content without much intervention from his side
  • Post Long & short-form content on all his social channels

When we started working with him in Feb 2023: The mission was to grow the long-form content views and grow the subscribers organically. Monetization was another important aspect that we decided to focus on as he was getting fewer long-form views, so our goal was to create shorts that redirected the traffic to long-form and get more views.


Deliverables that not only grew his brand but made him get millions of views every month:

  1. Content Ideas- We ideate content ideas that perfectly suit his brand, we capture the trends as well as focus on evergreen content.
  2. Editing - We first produce shorts to test out the content and if there is any game-related update then we make a short first to get the content out ASAP. In Long form content, we mainly focused on creating trendy and evergreen content, that gets us views even when we are not uploading.
  3. Distribution - Putting together a publishing strategy to help him grow on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook simultaneously.
  4. Monetization systems - We optimized CTA for every video to make sure we not only bring himnew followers but also convert those followers into watching long form content.

Results & Impacts

700 Million impressions across all social media platforms
Multiple Viral videos
210,000+ New overall followers
Multi-platform growth
175 Million Organic Views
Multiple Sponsorships
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